(Nearly) Ubiquitous UDL Tools

Most classroom computers now contain a standard configuration of software tools as part of their base price (e.g., iTunes/GarageBand/iMovie) and/or a district-wide site license of "productivity suites" (e.g., Microsoft Office). In many respects these are "free" becasue no additional building or classroom funds are required.

  • Wordprocessing

    • Wordprocessing vs. handwriting (UDL: Expression)
    • Drafting/editing (UDL: Engagement)
  • PowerPoint
    • PPT-based content summary/study guide (UDL: Representation)
    • PPT-based report (UDL: Expression and Engagement)
  • Podcasting
    • Audio version of book/lecture/main ideas, etc. (UDL: Representation)
    • Dictated report (UDL: Expression and Engagement)
  • Short Videos
    • Video-based examples/illustration of content from book/lecture/main ideas, etc. (UDL: Representation)
    • Video-based demonstration of knowledge, skills, and attitudes (UDL: Expression and Engagement)